OpenStreetMap NextGen Takes Shape! (screenshots)

Posted by NorthCrab on 2/18/2024

I am really excited to finally share some tangible progress on OpenStreetMap NextGen! While I have been working on this project almost day-by-day for the past 3 months, just recently I reached the point of launching the website (for now locally) and begun development of its frontend features.

OpenStreetMap-NG has grown immensely in scope since the original announcement. Now the project not only focuses on core performance, usability, and accessibility but also on improving the user-facing interface and experience. I want this project to truly stand by its name, providing NextGen value to all aspects of the website. And so far, it’s on the right track.

Directions side-by-side comparison.

So far, the number of improvements is counted in hundreds, including but not limited to various bug-fixes, performance optimizations, privacy, and security enhancements. And the list keeps on growing!

Share panel side-by-side comparison.

My current primary focus is to wrap up frontend baseline development and prepare an amazing developer documentation so other people can hop in and help. I still need a little more time to prepare the grounds as I want to provide a good contributor experience and ensure everyone’s time is used effectively.

Data export side-by-side comparison.

The project is currently funded through individual donations. You can help it grow by donating here, or by leaving a star on the GitHub project itself, or both :-)

An orange crab holding a glowing star, space ship flying in the background

Please note that this project is not affiliated with the OpenStreetMap Foundation. It’s the result of my voluntary work and personal choices. The presented side-by-side comparisons are subject to change as the development is ongoing.