OpenStreetMap NextGen Development Diary #7

Posted by NorthCrab on 5/16/2024

Welcome to the seventh OpenStreetMap NextGen development diary.

This week, I focused on delivering core website functionalities and website and migration script optimizations 🚤.

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In Case You Missed It…

OpenStreetMap-NG is planned to have its first development release at the end of this month, May. After this milestone, the project will be open for new contributors! My current work focuses on delivering on that promise, finishing the core functionalities, and stabilizing the code.

Originally posted in diary #5.5.

New Fast Rendering Engine

One of the highlights of OpenStreetMap-NG is its brand new, super fast object rendering engine. It’s a significant improvement over the current solution.

For example, rendering all of Poland (about 1500 ways) takes a mere 34ms.

To put that in perspective, the same relation on the current OpenStreetMap website takes about 1.8 seconds. That’s over 50 times faster! And the best part: zero compromises on quality - it’s the same data, just way faster - badum tss.

Here’s the visualization we’re talking about:

Support For Historical States

The new rendering pipeline also lets you see how things used to look. Want to check out a street from 5 years ago? Just hover over the version in the history view. Easy.

This feature is going to make it way easier to understand how things have changed over time. It also opens up new opportunities for rich changeset diffs visualizations in the future!

Relations Members Icons

OpenStreetMap-NG now has a bunch of icons for relation members. This makes it much easier to tell what kind of relation you’re dealing with.

These icons are from the iD project.

Page Timeout Fixes

If you’re a frequent OpenStreetMap user, you might have run into errors like this:

OSM-NG has fixed a ton of these timeout issues with improved pagination. Now everything loads smoothly, even the history of a big relation like Poland.

Refreshed Element Sidebar UI

The element sidebar has received a makeover. The new look and feel are designed for regular users, not just developers. You’ll also find it much easier to use the element versioning system.

Project Sponsors 🏅

Time for the weekly appreciation of the current project patrons. Thank you, everyone, for supporting the project, including those who starred it on GitHub! There’s no way back now 🚂.

Currently, the project is sponsored by 13 people!
Four private and four public donors on Liberapay, and five public on GitHub Sponsors.

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