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I am a software engineer from the Netherlands. My specialties are front-end development, game development, graph theory and database design.

Mapping philosophy:

I’m a quality over quantity mapper, my idea of quality is about accurate and detailed polygons. Making conscious decisions about every element. And having a strong preference for data correctness.

I’m a big proponent of tagging for the future and dislike appeal to tradition fallacies.

Other mapping practices I endorse include:

  • Splitting landcover from natural entities. For example seperating heathland from heath plants.
  • Atomic landuse.
  • Walls as area.
  • Making separate elements for separate features. For example always add separate way for barrier=*.

Things I dislike:

  • Leisure=garden for non-poi gardens.
  • Incorrect area to way conversions. Like splitting ways at intersections to capture the surface of that intersection.
  • Using the wiki as justification for a change.

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