News 2024 - Week 8


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  • To fulfill his New Year’s resolution, Włodzimierz Bartczak has made a list of OpenStreetMap project ideas that he plans to update on a regular basis.
  • Voting for the hairdresser=barber tag is open until Monday 11 March. Voting on the community_adopted=* proposal has been extended until Monday 4 March.


  • Arnalie announced that the nominations for the HOT Open Mapping Women Awards (OMWA) 2024 are now open until Wednesday 6 March.Many categories have been devised for the nominations. There will be two awards in the category ‘Community / Project recognition awards’: ‘Community of the Year (group)’, and ‘Women-focused Project of the Year’. Individual awards have been announced for ‘Emerging Star in Open Mapping of the Year’, ‘Woman in Open Mapping Leader of the Year’, ‘Woman in Open Mapping Mapper of the Year’, and ‘Woman Champion in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) of the Year’.
  • Wikimedia Italia reported on TomTom’s activities to improve the OSM map base, especially in areas with insufficient coverage.
  • Rtnf shared a prototype of a spatial blogging platform, which will allow us to share our personal stories around a specific coordinate.

Local chapter news

  • Ata Akouete Franck of OpenStreetMap Togo has won the Togo Digital Awards in Projects and Strategy for his work on MiaTouTogo, an OpenStreetMap mapping project to support decision-making and regional planning in urban areas in Togo.
  • OpenStreetMap US has launched the Pedestrian Working Group to gather diverse stakeholders, with an interest in OpenStreetMap pedestrian data, to find ways to collaborate and improve pedestrian accessibility across the country by providing higher quality map data. This working group is an invitation to help build a forum for collaboration and learning while improving data on features such as pavements, crossings, kerbs, and signals.
  • The February 2024 edition of the OpenStreetMap US newsletter has been published.


OSM in action

  • Daniel,, tooted that Flixbus now hosts maps on all its domains under the name ‘Protomaps’ and is also displaying the correct attribution at the bottom right.
  • VacuumTube has developed a tool to import OpenStreetMap data into Transport Fever 2, a transport simulation game.

Open Data

  • Junior Flores, from the GeoCompas team, has developed an interactive 3D visualisation tool using OSM data. The tool lets you see the coverage and strength of the mobile signal provided by the different telephone companies at educational institutions in Peru.


  • Nikhil VJ, from OpenStreetMap India, has developed the ‘Large Map Printer & Exporter‘, a web application to create large OpenStreetMap maps for field mapping activities.
  • OpenCage has released a Kotlin SDK for its geocoding API service.
  • Peter explained how to use GraphHopper to calculate navigation routes in the OSMAnd app.
  • GeoObserver explained how to create a heatmap using the MapLibre style specification feature in Overpass Ultra.
  • Toni Erdmann has announced that PTNA (Public Transport Network Analysis) now provides a comparison between GTFS data and corresponding routes in OSM.


  • OpenLayers version 9.0.0 has been released.
  • uMap version 2.0.0 has been released. David Larlet blogged about the features of this major release.

Did you know …

  • … that Daniel Jahn has put together a compilation of various available DEM (Digital Elevation Model) datasets?
  • OpenTrailStash, a free trail map made for unpaved bicycle exploration?
  • … that you can use styled queries in Overpass Ultra to create a minimalist-style ski map?
  • … about the Street Lamps in OSM map ?

OSM in the media

  • CHIP’s Jamie Staudigl reviewed the Bubatzkarte app, an online map that serves as a guide to quickly see where cannabis smoking will be permitted or prohibited in Germany after 1 April, when their new laws on the possession and consumption of cannabis come into force.

Other “geo” things

  • Aaron Koelker has created a ribbon map of Florida’s Wakulla River and printed it out on six feet (1.8 m) of thermal receipt paper.
  • Harry Young, from Scotland, has spent 28 years creating a geologically accurate map of the country made from rocks that were collected from the locations they represent on the map. Harry’s wish has been granted, as the map has gone viral.
  • HeiGIT, the Heidelberg Institute for Geoinformation Technology, is seeking candidates for an international postdoctoral fellowship on the subject of ‘GIScience Research for Climate Action’. Research topics include climate action, humanitarian aid, and open geodata and Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI). Interested individuals can submit their applications until Friday 15 March.
  • Geofrey Ndhogezi wrote an article on the potential of informal public transport as a climate solution.
  • Pokemon Go Hub’s Zeroghan reported that Niantic, the game’s developer, has joined the Overture Maps Foundation and managed to gain access to around 59 million additional points of interest. In return, Niantic will ‘donate’ the location data collected by Pokemon Go players to the Overture Maps Foundation.

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